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Snail Feral West Coast U.S. Tour 2015


Snail will be slowly and deliberately crushing the West Coast with tourmates Akris and The Freeks in late July/early August 2015. See dates below:

  1. July 30 - Tower Bar, San Diego, CA
  2. July 31 - Cafe Nela, Los Angeles, CA
  3. August 1 - Cellar Door, Visalia, CA
  4. August 2 - The Golden Bull, Oakland, CA
  5. August 4 - Starlite Lounge, Sacramento, CA
  6. August 6 - Ash Street Saloon, Portland, OR
  7. August 7 - The Astoria Pub, Vancouver, BC
  8. August 9 - The Highline, Seattle, WA

Snail - Feral Cover

New Album 'Feral' Due to be Released Late August 2015


Small Stone will release Snail's latest album Feral in late August! It has been a long time coming but we are happy to announce the wait is almost stay updated join us.

We're currently pressing limited edition 180 gram color vinyl records, which will be available initially on our west coast tour in late July/early August 2015 and afterward on our website. The records are fittingly red with white dots/streaks.

Snail Signs to Small Stone Records


Snail is pleased to announce that they have signed with Small Stone Records to release their 4th full album. No actual release date has been set but it will likely be in November. We will keep you updated via this website and our social media outlets.

New Snail Album 'Feral' is Complete!


Snail has completed recording of their new album 'Feral', due to be released Fall 2014. They began recording nearly a year earlier at Matt's Mysterious Mammal Studios, adding overdubs from Mark's home studio in Seattle. The amount of time reflects the effort and creative inspiration that went into the album. This may be Snail's 'White Album.' Release date TBA.

New Snail Tune 'Building a Haunted House'


Snail has released a new tune from their upcoming album Feral on Heavy Planet's 'Bong Hits from the Astral Basement II' compilation, called Building a Haunted House. The song embodies the stylistic shift back to walls of psychedelic oscillating fuzz that made Snail famous.

Snail - The '93 - '94 Blood Demos Available for Download


These are the legendary Blood demos, recorded on cassette 4track in 1993-1994. At the time, Snail's self-titled album was out and garnering critical acclaim and the band was feeling confident about their upcoming second album...which wasn't recorded until 2009. These demos were recorded in Porterville, California USA at the town's Memorial Auditorium, where Snail was known to practice. Here's what Scott from Fu Manchu said about the demos:

"I remember reading a record review of Snail's debut release in some small zine back in late 1993. It was a small review but everything the reviewer said about the music was everything i was interested in. That set me out searching record stores for the release. It was only available on CD so i searched every local record store until one had a copy. Bought it brought it home and dug it from the first ultra fuzzy guitar note of my favorite song on that release "deep see fishing". I wrote the band to get more info and Matt and I traded music. I sent all the Fu Manchu stuff that I had. I think Matt gave me a copy of their new 4-track stuff at a show we played in San Francisco at the starting of our tour. I listened to the Snail cassette tape over and over on tour. Favorite song from that tape was "Cleanliness". I was glad that they re-recorded it for their "blood" release a few years ago. Still love that song. The 4-track tape is awesome and I'm glad to now get a louder version. Still have the tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Snail - S/T Available for Download


Listen to Snail's first album, released in 1993, available for purchase in CD quality on bandcamp.

Terminus: Available NOW!



It's finally here! Snail's latest release Terminus - definitely our heaviest release to date. This one was a long time coming...hopefully you will love it as much as we do. - Snail

Terminus has dropped


The Obelisk Snail Interview


JJ from The Obelisk interviewed Mark Johnson and Matt Lynch of Snail about the upcoming release, "Terminus." This is a great feature with pictures and an exclusive Snail video for "Ritual." Check it out!

The Obelisk Snail Interview

Release date set for Terminus: May 1st, 2012


We are very proud to announce that Snail is self-releasing their new album Terminus on May 1st, 2012. Orders from the website will be shipped the following day.

Terminus will also be available from All That Is Heavy, CD Baby, iTunes and

Snail’s new album, “Terminus,” showcases all fresh material, infused with the enthusiasm of newly minted collaboration. Influences that were not evident in past works come to the fore, steeped in old-school metal and psychedelia. The subject matter is noticeably more mature, as the entire record delves into the themes of mortality and its implications in our modern world. From crushing doom to head-bobbing Camaro rock and hypnotic psych, “Terminus” is Snail’s most varied work to date; but most importantly, IT ROCKS.

Snail - Terminus Cover

Snail's New Album 'Terminus' is Complete


All tracks on Snail's latest album Terminus are complete. Songlist:

  1. Recursion
  2. Galaxies' Lament
  3. Matchbook
  4. Burn the Flesh
  5. Hippy Crack
  6. Love Theme
  7. Ritual
  8. Circles
  9. Try to Make It
  10. Terminus

This album represents a departure from Blood in that it's grounded in early-eighties proto-metal. Release date not yet finalized, but it'll likely be very soon. We're negotiating with labels for a vinyl release. Stay tuned.

Snail is in the Studio Recording a New Album


Yes it's true my friends. After burying ourselves for a couple years to ferment in the rich earth we have emerged...with new tunes. No release date has been set; to stay updated join us.

The tunes will be, in no particular order:

Love Theme From Snail
Galaxies' Lament
Hippy Crack
Heavy Trait
Try to Make It
Burn the Flesh
Perilous Dandelion (working title)

Snail - BloodSnail's New Album 'Blood' Released


Analogous to the slow, relentless power of erosion, SNAIL melts mountains and reshapes earth with their latest offering, "Blood." A band that once shared the stage with Stoner/Doom contemporaries SLEEP, SNAIL embarked on a 13-year sacred journey to Sheol from whence they recently emerged. Crushing proto-metal psychedelic fuzz-fests march on with sweet melodies shrouded by psyched-out oscillations. This is an album that should be measured on the Geologic Time Scale.

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  1. Mental Models
  2. Sleep
  3. Underwater
  4. Committed
  5. Via/Penny Dreadful
  6. Relief
  7. Blood
  8. Cleanliness
  9. Screen
  10. Not for Me
  11. Blacklight

New Website Launch


Welcome to the official Snail website. This website was created to be a store, archive, library, photo album and interface with friends for the band Snail. If you have any questions or comments about this website, please contact us. If you have content (especially old photos or videos) you would like to contribute, please contact us.